10 positive messages from queer adults to their younger selves coming out day

#NationalComingOutDay: 10 positive messages from queer adults to their younger selves.

For National Coming Out Day, ten queer people send messages of positivity to their younger selves

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girl talk youtube podcast feminism

WATCH: Girl Talk Episode 1

Have you seen our debut of Girl Talk yet? In our premiere episode we have a chat about feminism, female role models and all the rest of it while we colour in some girl power and nostalgia colouring pages. There’s a slightly cut down version, but an extended cut too for those of you who […]

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How We’re Trying To Be In 2019

This year has been massive for us – we re-launched our shop, starting gaining a following, and set up this very same blog you’re reading now. So, where do we expect to be this time next year? You’ll have to wait and see, but for now, let’s talk about you. If self-care hasn’t been one […]

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amy winehouse painting

WATCH: Painting Amy Winehouse On Denim

We painted the late Amy Winehouse on denim – kick back, relax and let the speed painting soothe you. Order your own custom denim piece today!

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Why Lady Gaga Is The Female Icon We Should Strive To Be

We all remember the days of 2008 through to at least 2010 when her music dominated the world. Back then, it was only hardcore fans that saw through the costumes and elaborate artistry to find a real talent and force in pop music. Since then, with the release of ‘A Star Is Born’ and many other […]

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Five Steps On the Path To Beating Your Insecurities

Five Steps: The Path To Beating Your Insecurities

By Letitia Jarrett / @sempiterna_ Back in the olden days of the 00s and earlier, before social media ran in our veins, airbrushing and photoshopping was limited to the A-listers on the covers of Vogue. Only, they had the privileges of doll-like skin and moulding photos so their body proportions fit whichever body shape was […]

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alien halloween costume makeup tutorial kawaii girl

WATCH: Alien Cutie Transformation

Did you have a nice Halloween? So did we! Watch how this 50’s Diner Dash Alien transformation came into existence below. Do you like her? Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with our content!

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custom beyonce denim jacket

WATCH: Painting Beyoncé on Denim

Have you seen our latest video on the tube? It’s one for the hive! We painted a Beyoncé portrait on a denim jacket. Pretty cool right? Don’t forget, we’re doing a jacket giveaway over on Facebook and Instagram, so a jacket like this could be yours for free! Full terms and conditions can be found […]

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You NEED To Listen To Soundcloud Artist, Denyah

Singer/Songwriter Denyah / @Denyuhhh After months of searching for something new to listen to other than the usual, stale sounds from mainstream radio, I was lucky enough to come across Denyah. Her only song on Spotify was the beachy ‘Easy Baby’, so I was delighted to find loads more content over on her Soundcloud page. […]

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FREE CUSTOM DENIM JACKET – It’s Competition Time!

Hello gorgeous! Today’s your lucky day – MAUDS Designs is giving away a free custom denim jacket! That’s correct. You have a chance to win something worth a few hundred pounds for absolutely nothing. We are accepting entries via Facebook and Instagram only. To enter, please comment on one of the linked posts with a […]

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